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How can I blackout dates when I want to use my items?

Blackout dates and how to use them

You have probably started posting your items on Ruckify to make money on your belongings when you aren’t using them! But how do you ensure your items are available when you need them! Ruckify offers Owners the ability to blackout recurring or date-specific times you don’t want your items rented. For example, maybe you are planning a camping trip for the upcoming long weekend and need your tent. You can head to your listing and blackout the dates, you will need your items. Or maybe you use your paddleboard every Sunday so you don’t want it rented. You can black every Sunday to ensure you have it when you want it!

To apply blackout dates, you will need to be signed in on the APP and head to the posting you would like to blackout. From here you will go to the orange pencil in the top right-hand corner and head to manage inventory. Under manage inventory, you can set specific or recurring blackout dates.

*Currently this feature is only available on the APP*