How can I see a summary of my booking?

Booking Itinerary

Once you have paid for your booking, you are instantly directed to the booking's itinerary page. This is the summary of your booking and essentially your ticket. It will show you:

  • The Owners name, you can click on this to see their profile
  • What items you have booked 
  • Where and when the hand-off will take place
  • Invoice(s) for the booking
  • Instructions and attachments for an item 
  • Ability to file a dispute for that booking
  • Where to write the reviews for the item(s) and the Owner when the booking is completed

To find this page on the app click the ‘Renting’ tab at the bottom of the screen and go to your ‘Confirmed’ bookings. From here you can view your booking itinerary (s). 

To find this page on the browser click on your profile picture in the top right corner and click ‘My Renting Requests’, from here go to your ‘Confirmed’ bookings. When in your confirmed bookings you can view your booking itinerary.