How do l submit an insurance claim?

Claim process

So, you need to submit an insurance claim on one of your items posted on Ruckify. If your item has been returned damaged or it was stolen you must submit the claim within 48 hours of the booking end date and time. Otherwise, it will not be accepted or reviewed by our Trust & Safety Team. Please follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to the booking’s itinerary page.
  2. Select the reason for your dispute.
  3. Enter an explanation and reason for the dispute. Please provide as much detail as possible with timeframes and dates.
  4. Submit the dispute.
  5. Upload picture or video proof to attach to the submitted dispute.
  6. Wait until a member of the Ruckify Trust & Safety Team contacts you to follow up.

When submitting a claim, please provide as much detail and proof as you can. A Ruckify team member will be in touch to follow up on the dispute to take the necessary action. For more information, please refer to the Ruckify Insurance Policy