How does protection work?

What options does Ruckify offer to protect my items while renting?

When you are posting an item, you will be given three options regarding protecting your items: 

  • Insurance
  • Deposit
  • No Coverage

If you choose to protect your item using our insurance option, you will be able to set the value of the item which will determine your deductible. Below that, we will tell you your premiums based on the booking rates you have entered on the previous page. We will then deduct the premium from your payout amount after the item has been booked. If anyone chooses to transact outside our marketplace, they will not be covered by our protection.

You can view our complete insurance policy here:

If you choose to collect a deposit, you can choose between our predefined amounts, or set your own. There is a 1.9% deposit processing fee if this option is selected that must be paid by the Renter. The deposit will be returned to the Renter once the booking has been completed and no disputes have been filed. 

Choosing to have no protection coverage will mean that you are posting your item at your own risk and that only the platform service fee will be deducted on your payout.