How much does it cost to insure my items?

Cost of Insurance

Ruckify provides the option for Posters to insure their items when booked on Ruckify. There is no monthly fee to insure your items on The Platform. When you have a successful rental processed, Ruckify will deduct a percentage fee from your postings subtotal. Insurance and Ruckify protection cover you in case of damage or theft.

For a Poster, during the Posting Process, we will explain what the deductible and premiums are to insure your posting on a booking. The premium will automatically be deducted from your payout.

For a Renter, we will display the cost of insurance on the posting's page (the Showcase) and also display the amount on the Checkout for your review before proceeding with the booking. The amounts will change depending on the posting you are booking. 

Insurance may not be available in your region, the category, or the subcategory that your posting is in. If this is the case, you may collect a Security Deposit or continue with no protection.