Setting a security Deposit

Why and How to set a security deposit

Owners have the choice when posting their items to either opt into Ruckify's insurance for eligible items, collect a security deposit or post their items with no protection. Security deposits are great for low-value items $150 - $200 or items that are not eligible under the insurance policy. 

Owners can set the deposit in any increment they want to a maximum of $2000.00. One thing to keep in mind is a security deposit is there to minimize your loss in the event of theft or damage, and also add an extra sense of responsibility to the Renter during the rental period. 

Deposits will be charged at the time of booking and are held until 24 hours after the booking end date and time. If by the end of this window no claim/dispute has been filed our team will refund the deposit to the Renter. If the item is returned with damage, missing pieces, or is not returned at all Owners must file a claim/dispute prior to 24-hour mark