Updating Payout Details - Tipalti

Payee Dashboard Updates

Yes, as long as your payer has not put any restrictions on payee accounts. Please be aware that a change in any of the following information may erase banking information and/ or invalidate tax forms (if tax forms are required by your payer).

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company name
  • Contact address country
  • Payment details country
  • Phone number

Note: A change in letter case to your name (e.g., "amy" to "Amy") will not invalidate your tax form.

All changes made in the Payee Dashboard/ Supplier Hub are reviewed and approved (or declined) by your payer. If changes are declined, you will become "unpayable" by Tipalti until the issue(s) are resolved.

If your payer changes your account details or invalidates your tax form, you will receive an email notification.