What are the steps to posting on Ruckify?

Posting 101

Posting items on Ruckify is simple and informative. Posting your items can be done in 4 easy steps with one optional step at the end. 

Step 1 - Basic Information - During this step you want to assign an item category and subcategory, name your listing, determine the quantity available, set pick up address and indicate the item’s condition.

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Step 2 - Posting Details - During this step you want to include pictures of the item and provide a detailed description of what the item is and what it comes with. This section will help set your listing apart from others. To learn more about how to take awesome product photos, check out our blog post here! In your description, you want to be very clear on what comes with your item, for example, maybe you are renting a propane fire bowl but it does not come with the propane tank this should be included in your description to set the right expectations for your Renters. 

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Step 3 - Item Details - This section is where you can attach any instruction manuals or documents that will help the Renter with the item. And category-specific questions based on your item. 

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Step 4 - Pricing & Protection - This is the final mandatory step to completing your posting. You need to set the rental rates on your items and choose how you’d like to protect your items. To learn more about how to price your items, check out the article ‘How to price your items for rent!’. 

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Step 5 - Advanced Options - The last section is optional as Ruckify has recommended some default settings around delivery, availability check, and cancellation policies. These recommended settings will be valid on all postings unless you have proceeded to the advanced options and update your default settings for your ideal postings. For example, Ruckify defaults all listings to Availability Check, but if you’d prefer your items listed as Instant Booking you can edit your default settings here to reflect this. 

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All postings are verified by our team to make sure everything looks good, and nothing is missing!