What are heads up time and turnaround time?

Heads up and Turn around time

When listing your items on Ruckify there are a few features that help you manage your time. Two of these features are the heads up time and the turnaround time on your rentals. 

The heads uptime is the minimum time you need for setting up prior to the start of a booking. When setting your heads up you want to take into account the time you need to ensure your item is ready to go out and your personal schedule. For example, if you work from home you may set a 1-hour heads up time but if you are often in and out, a longer heads up time can ensure, you can hand over your item smoothly. 

Turnaround time is the time needed from the end of one rental until the next one can start. This can vary based on the item and time you need to ensure they have returned the item in working order and are ready to go back out. For example, for a knee scooter, you may only need an hour for turnaround time to make sure everything is still in working order, whereas with say an RV you may need 5 hours to ensure everything is good and clean to go out again. 

The best way to edit this is by going to your posting in the APP, clicking the orange pencil in the top right-hand corner, choosing to manage inventory, and updating the times here. Alternatively, if you are on a browser, you will need to edit the listing.